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His Kingdom for a Voice: UW Health's Voice Clinic and APT

When you watch professionals on the stage, they make it look so easy. Whether it is a soprano singing an aria by Verdi, or an actor performing Shakespeare - their actions seem almost effortless. But, it can be grueling for the performer.
The actors at American Players Theatre know this well. Nightly performances outdoors in all weather can take its toll. But, even beyond the physical training, the stress on the actors' most prized tool - the voice - can be damaging. Which is why several members of the acting company spent a Saturday at UW Health's Professional Voice Clinic. 
Watch the Acting Company Talk About Their Experience
American Players Theatre
We may not pay much attention to the common things that can strain our voices - caffeine, lack of sleep, even certain foods - but for actors, taking care of their voice is critical. Learn more about how the Voice Clinic helps professionals who rely on their voice for work - be it an actor or a teacher. After all, the show must go on.
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