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Fitness Center News - Exercise for Everyone
May 2012

Dust Off That Bike

  Bikers on the road

When we were kids bikes were our first set of "wheels." Since then many of us have graduated to other transportation, but now is a great time to hop back on your bike. It's great exercise and an ecologically sound mode of transportation. Plus, it's a lot of fun. Learn more


Move Your Feet: Total Body Coordination

  Fitness Center trainer demonstrating an exercise
Fitness Center trainer Jude Sullivan demonstrates three exercises that use an A-B-C agility ladder to help you improve your balance and coordination. Learn more

Class Spotlight: Life Fit Boot Camp

  Woman catching her breath after workout

Life Fit Boot Camp is a high-intensity course that includes running, jumping, calisthenics and other activities. Whether you're looking for aerobic fitness, muscular strength, flexibility or agility, Boot Camp will provide the challenge to take you there. Learn more


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